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Our website may change the guidelines from time to time that should be accepted. Therefore, we advise our users to read our terms and conditions every time they use our website.


The website is solely designed for pet owners and lovers and the purpose of this website is to unite the pet owners from all over; the website will not be accountable or liable for any felonious information posted by any user. However, the customer will be instantly banned and blocked from the website permanently.


As our website is open to all and sundry and we require personal information for transaction purposes, we ensure that our company does not pass our clients information further. Our client’s privacy and our status are very important to us.


The website is open to every age group but our website only allows trades with adults and people above 18. By using our website and the membership specified you must agree that (a) the information provided to us about you is accurate and correct. Any fraud or scam will be dealt with severity. (b) By using our website you will not defame our page (c) You will not create an account if you are under 18. If you are under 18 you can use our services with the help of a legal guardian or a parent.

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If the website starts to show any fault it will be fixed once it comes to our knowledge. The website will not be held responsible until then.

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In order to promote a safe and secure environment for all our users pet online has prohibited the usage or posting of the following materials on the website:
Sexual content, racism, hatred or offending content.
Advertisements of content other than animals.
Fake information
Plagiarized content

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